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“Buy This For Mama” Card Game [Prototype]

  • Time to go shopping with Mama! She gives each of you a shopping list and a set budget to follow. The first one to complete their shopping list and get back to Mama wins!
  • A game of luck and decision-making for 3-6 players. For ages 8+ maybe?
  • Gotta do dem quick maths while shopping. Make sure everything is within budget! (Don't worry! Using calculators in this game is allowed ;D)
  • Can be a gambling game. Each player puts some money on the table and who gets to win the game takes all the money!!


  • Each player gets a turn to pick 8 random items from the “Mama’s Shopping List Box”. They must write down the 8 items on their shopping list and return the items to the box before they pass it on to the next player who's going to pick.
  • Everyone picks their “budget” from “Mama's purse” and writes it down the shopping list.
  • The oldest amongst the players gets to have the first turn. They also get to decide whether the turns will be done clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The player must get 1 card from the “Market Deck”. They must decide whether or not they will keep the card. Once kept they cannot discard the card but it may still be given/taken away. They could choose to not keep the card and put it in the “Discarded Items Deck”.
  • Once a player completes their shopping list they must roll two 6-sided dice (using a 12-sided dice is ok too!)  during their turn. 1-6 means Mama is not within the player's sight while 7-12 means the player can see her.
  • The winner of the game is the first one who completes the shopping list within budget and gives the items to Mama.
  • Once there are no more cards in the “Market Deck”, shuffle the “Discarded Items Deck” and use it as the new “Market Deck”.
  • Be careful of Mishap Cards and make sure to be within budget!
  • Always keep your Mishap Cards they can only be given or taken and never discarded.
  • Using a calculator for the game is totally allowed! ;D

Game created by Jem "artsybarrels" J. Sarmiento for the Roll To Craft: A Tabletop Jam

[For questions about the game feel free to email me at: artsybarrels@gmail.com]


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