a short game about saying goodbye

game and art by jem j. sarmiento / artsybarrels

music by david valachovic / adenflorian


content warning: depression, suicide

sorry for the inconsistent art... i did an all-nighter and tried to finish all of the art in one WHOOSH because i got too excited.

Crisis Centers for Suicide Prevention


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s/u/i/c/i/d/e is really high here in the philippines, you didnt get that wrong :((

it's something that i've been going through too, d/e/p/r/e/s/s/i/o/n and what-not

but the possibility of different endings is inevitable, thank you for making this game

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This game is probably a real "just @ me next time" to a lot of us, myself included; and the flow of it is hauntingly accurate. Truthfully I had myself a good cry while going through the different story paths. It was pretty refreshing to become so immersed.  Glad to see someone speaking on this topic on the gaming scene and I very much thank you for that. :) Keep up the great work I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing what else you put out here.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the game.


This hit me hard. Thank you a lot for creating this game.

its extremely short but its still made me cry xD


thank you for making this.. lately I've been having those thoughts and its been really bad, but this helped me out. thank you

I'm glad it helped you out ;u;


I honestly have no words! this is an amazing and inspiring game!

Thank you very much! 😊


This Is The Best Thing Ive Played This Game Resembles Me Actually Thank You Author For Giving Me Inspiration And Stuff This Stuff Is Deep As Hell Oh Btw Filipino Din Ako Hahahahahhahah Hello Po

I'm glad it gave you inspiration :)

Kaya mo yan!


This is such a deep message and you did amazingly with how you presented it just a quick tip maybe in the description or something a suicide hotline just in case because this is a  way too spread awareness 


This game was really special. Super powerful message. I loved it :)

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad you like it :)


Really like the game; and interesting way to make a game talking about these kind of themes


This was  great game to play, the feels really Hit me like a Train..... I'll just leave


Thank you so much for this game, I really liked it, and now I'm crying


this was a touching game


wow im really touched....thank you


This game is so powerful, it left me in tears. As a person who has suffered with suicide, and who knows others who have lost the fight, it is very accurate. Thank you so much for bringing awareness to suicide and depression and mental health.


its a game worth the time it shows that its hard to live with things where you just want to do the same but its helping a bit seeing what would be lost after that, i even well thought about doing it but i cant bring myself to it what is good cause i know what i would throw away who would be sad if i go and overall what a mess it would be for anyone to go through. this game shows it a bit thank you for this game

Deleted post

wow you think you're so funny don't you? you should be shamed of youself.


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This game...is amazing it made me think about life how if I died how would my friends and family feel. It helps people who are thinking about taking their life.  Keep up the great work. (This the first game to make me cry. ;-;)

Thank you ;u;


This game immediately spoke to me, not only because of the situation, but also because of the Filipino culture. goodbye was so real and accurate, and I truly believe this will help people realize they are not alone. Thank you.


wow it is a BEST!

Thank you :D


really, really amazing. well ,its depressing, but still, really good job with the art and the song! the "inconsistent art" helped to make the game's mood, so dont worry about it (i like this art style haha) well, again, good job!

Thank you!! 😊

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First,  thank  you for make such a beatifull game about... u know about suicide, Its very sesensitive Topic but anyway thanks, it must have taken you a long time to make this. I'm not lying I was in deep depression... but I think I'm stil depressed... lmao ... your game opened my eyes ... naturally first I get ,,The worst ending '' , I didn't  clean my room and my body , I ling to ,,my moom , and I wrote messeng to my 4 Bf , I think this is the worst but anyway you opened my eyes ... i have nothing to lose, and no one loves me (...) again l-m-a-o,  but (third time) anyway...

 sey your game is quite good, so don't kill your self,  just make more for people like me or for people who DON'T want to kill her selfs ... anyway 







I'm glad you like my game but please don't say goodbye!


amazing story! short but full of feels.

Thank you for playing my game :)


this story is amazing...I just speaks to me...I can relate to this kind of..It just makes me think of all the amazing things i have in my life....And im thankful for that... :)

I'm glad you like it :)


Nice adding the visual to this mini VN :)


A short game but, it drives the message home hard. I feel that everyone is struggling some more than, others hop;e this can help some people know they aren't alone in that fight.

Thank you so much for playing my game!


Hi there, I first want to say sorry. I'm sorry that you felt that alone in the world and that helpless, but I'm glad that in the end you overcame it and decided to share your story through this beautiful game.

The art used throughout the game is great and very well drawn. The song used throughout the game, while a slight bit repetitive, is quite fitting for the subject matter. 

I'm so used to writing very critical reviews here, I try to break everything down and be as detailed as I can...but in this case I find it very difficult. This is such a personal and highly emotional story, each person is going to relate to it in a different way, and if they haven't gone through something similar I'm confident that you've conveyed the feelings and thought processes of someone going through such an ordeal extremely well. 

So thank you for being brave enough to share your story with the world, it's not something a lot of people would be willing to do.

I hope you don't mind but I made a "let's play" of your game over on my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you,



Thank you so much for playing the game and for your nice comments. I'm glad you got something out of it. I really hope that this game would help other people to know that they're not alone and that there's hope for them.


Es un buen juego, y de verdad se los agradezco, es bastante bueno. 

Thank you so much for playing my game! I really appreciate it :')

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I'm glad I could have her talk to her mother and stop it. Otherwise I couldn't smile back.
Life is hard, I know, especially when you don't feel like it's worth it.

However, I gave it 4 stars for not changing the song when the girl is honest about what she was about to do.
The art was awesome but surely rushed near the end (final message).

Good job.


Hello, I (even though fairly young) maybe take the theme of suicide and depression a little to seriuosly. But, I respect those willing to make games about such topics as it is very difficult to convey feelings through game and especially such themes such as suicide and depression. I want to say that this game did something that very few are able to do ( in such a short period of time). I honestly feel that this game is very well done and only wish the best for you in the future! 

Thank you so much for playing my game :)

I'm glad that you like it. I really like how you handled the playthrough.


This game is the full package. Not enough words can express how deep this message is and how you can prevent suicide. people are always there to listen. Great Game

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad you liked it :)


this hit me so hard especially with the ending that i chose wOoh

meh 7/10


It is very uncommon for a developer, at least in my experience, to create such a real game. This text based adventure-style follows a very real story. There is not to much I can say about the game itself, but the message I believe is wonderfully transmitted. It makes me overjoyed to see there is the desire to bring awareness towards something of such a large caliber. Depression is a daunting issue many adults, adolescents, and children can deal with at any point in their life. I am shocked there are not more games like this which address the ugly truth it exhibits. The "gaming world" is not so very different in the aspect of how it ignores the negative themes, and goes with what feels nice. However this game puts the player in the first person perspective of the character with depression, forcing them to feel the characters emotions. At the very least, this game is based out of truth if not entirely. Really a wonderful gamer's message. Thank you so much for something different which brings awareness to the subject!

Thank you so much for appreciating this game even though I haven't put any images or music on it yet.

I'm very grateful for your comment!

This game is very personal to me as it is based on my own experiences. I'm glad that someone thinks it helps to get the message across about depression.


Your creation has soulful passion.  I believe you’ve done the best thing a person can do with such darkness, by creating something greater than the depths of terror expressed and experienced. You’ve made something for others, I totally respect that,  especially considering they are from your own.   This is a great text based game, even greater for the truth behind it. Please continue to develop more for the community. These games are rare, the indie scene needs more! I hope further developments are even better.