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Bruh, the "Anak" took me by surprise. I didn't know this was Filipino-made(?).

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why are people senting suicide or emotional comments in a emotional story

lol when you do the good ending on the first run 

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So did i

Great Story!!!

yo chill damn this shit got me fucked bro i actually teared up a but whta the fuck

Not going to lie, I had a similar situation, not the family part but the train.

Was at a train station thinking, "just jump". but I felt too weak and scared to do it. 

this is me rightnow. But i don't have the courage to end it. I alway think about my parent when i'm about to jump but also think about death when i'm alone. life is cruel for me. I hate myself for being weak.


you aren't weak. whatever situation that you may be in is enough of a reason why you are strong. because you're fighting. right now you are stronger than ever. i know this sounds super cheesy and all but it's the truth. even if you hate yourself right now, live for your future self, your past self, your family and friends and for the future that is coming. you are not weak, you are not alone and you are not to blame. don't take responsibility for the world's issues. you aren't responsible for anything besides what you can change, and if you're willing to live for those you love then you can do it. if you're willing to live for yourself, then you can do it. even if you're willing to live for your neighbors, your friends, your passions, your goals, your dog, whatever and/or whoever, then you can do it. you gotta get out of it man. theres so much more to live for than there is to die for. whatever good thing you can think of then live for that, live for all of the good things that are waiting to happen. you can do it

the more you get over stuff the easier it gets

this me in a few years

no no no no please get help i know i dont know you but trust me everything gets better in time if things get worse keep your head up and just remember things that make you happy. there are places and hotlines to call if you're not feeling "good" or "happy" people would miss you, you might not think it but there are people who would miss you.

I've played this game for a million times, yet it never fails to make me cry.

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3.24=204 seconds

204 X 10000000= 204000000 seconds 

204000000 / 60 = 3400000 minutes

3400000 / 60 ~ 56666 7 hours

56666 7 / 24 ~ 2361 2 days

2361 2 / 365 ~ 6 5 years

This game came out 4 years ago 

You are a lier


i love this game the music the art the mom (the mom is cool) IS SO GOOD

wow, iv only cried once playing a game, this is my 2 time. it hit hard 

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I don't cry when playing games, but this just hit me like a train (sorry). It feels nice to see how certain people feel projected in a game


This is probably my third time playing and I can’t help but cry a little. The first time I played I cried my eyes out, you reminded me that there are steps one might have to take before saying goodbye. I forgot that not everyone could just leave and pass. I forgot that I would have to think about saying goodbye to certain family, neighbors, or just prepare to end it while that guilt eats me up. I think I might be depressed, I’m not suicidal but I’m scared it’ll get worse in the future and harder to deal with if I don’t get help. Thank you for this beautiful game.


This game truly hit me right in the heart. I've never once considered ending it but this game made me cry just imagining it happening. Thank you for making it. I am proud of you.


I was not expecting this game to affect (effect?) me as much as it did. It's nice to see that there is hope. I really appreciate this game <3


Affect is correct. That's all, good day!


thank you !!


This game hit me harder than I expected, it was mostly because I nearly ended up in the same place.

Don't worry, it was 2-3 years ago, I got the proper therapy and help I needed.

Thank you. I'm not being sarcastic, but thank you.

im so happy for you man :') thats amazing, im glad you made it out.


I appreciate the other option... it makes me feel that there is hope even if it feels like its too late

the screen is completely dark for me, all there is is the music?

yea same! im confused as heck!

nvm! its working now! i followed barrels!

For me it's the inverse?!

I can play it but I don't hear anything


She decided not to say goodbye today. Thank you for giving her that option.

Yep. My Ungoogled Chromium didn't work and using the official Chrome too. It only worked on Edge. Welp. At least I can play this.


this hit so close to home for me. I absolutly love the game though

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mhm same for me


I'm crying


That's so sad... I made a bad choice I think, but I did what I would have done. I want to know what happened before


this is just... wow. i want to see the rest of the story, really good! 


That's really sad but it's everything really meaningful and true. Just listen...sometimes can help. 


I can't help but want to play it again.....

It's reliable.

almost to reliable 


I'm glad that you'd like to play it again but I also hope that you're able to rely on yourself more.


I'm- Oh go- I can't stop the tears. I feel like you've been through my mind. Salamat.


Maraming salamat rin. Alagaan mo sarili mo.




I'm hoping it brought some hope as well. The game isn't supposed to just end on a hurting note. I hope you gained something positive from it as well. Thank you


This was a fantastic experience and has a very strong and accurate portrayal of depression and how daunting it can be. 

I love this.


I don't think I've said this enough but thank you




I'm glad you thought so


Wow! This game was truly something! I was thinking that doing all the nice things(Clearing the room etc) Will lead to a happy ending but it was the opposite! This game really gave tears to my eyes. Thanks a lot for making me understand the value of my life again :)


The gameplay is really simple and the limited choices are deliberate not just because I'm unable to create something more complex but it's also meant to invoke a specific feeling of helplessness. 

The game can be depressing but I really do hope that going through it helps people deal with their emotions. Being able to process it and hopefully gain more hope along the way. I'm glad it helped you and I hope you're doing well.


omfg i absolutly loved this game!!!

i thinks i never cried that much before...

this games just fully devasted a billions pieces

i know what my next visual novel is gonna be about now

I hope it also devastated you in a good way. Also, hit me up with that visual novel once it's done :D

it's just a black screen for me  x-x

Oh no. May I know where you're playing it?

A windows 10 laptop, so sorry for the late reply!

What browser exactly? :O

I use a Windows 10 laptop as well and mostly use Brave or Google Chrome.

google chrome as well  :<


Hi! I tried it on Google Chrome again and it seems to be working?

For reference, I made the game on Twine and it's a HTML file.


This is so sad play despacito let me go back to 2017

2017 is a haze but I felt that


bro there are filipino words


It's because Filipino po ako.




Just let it all out. Crying can actually help ;; u ;;


first ever game that made me cry. thank you for making this.

Thank you for taking the time to play it and show your appreciation for the game <3




please stay hydrated!!!

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