part 4: the redhead inside my computer

part 1: oh no i'm drowning again

part 2: 2 a.m.

part 3: spoliarium

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Tagspsychosis, recovery, sad, Text based, trauma, Twine


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>:( that guy a b!tch 


You deserve all the love anyone ever could give you. Thanks for opening your heart. It's raw and sad and I wish I could do more but I know that you must have felt even a little bit better by sharing this. If you don't then we all give you all the support


Thank you for sharing your story, I hope you are better now. Know that sometimes this voices in your head may say bad things but im sure your family says the contrary. Listen to them, please. And remember it was not your fault. 


Thank you. I'm still not well but I'm trying to get by.

At this point, even if I wanted to die I can't kill myself anymore. I'm living because of guilt but I'm trying my best to become a better person worthy of being remembered by the people I love.

It's already amazing that you are trying to be better! Im sure your loved ones are very fond of you, good luck on your journey and keep making games if it makes you feel better, its a healthy way of coping, u know? I wish I was as strong!




I made an entire game for a game jam you hosted, so I'm hoping you get this. It sounds a lot like the voices you are hearing might be linked to schizophrenia, but from looking at what I've heard, I'm going to be totally honest with you and say I believe you were being tormented by the ones below everything.

I know, I know. It sounds far fetched, but sometimes me and other family members have felt their presence and at one point a priest came and anointed our house and us. It's been a lot better, but it is still slightly terrifying to encounter them.

Though I've never experienced something so traumatizing, It's hard to get past some dark moments in life without help. I can't guarantee I can help you, or that anyone else here can, but I can guarantee it will turn out for the better. After all, we have all been on this planet for a reason, even him.


You should know that I'm going through a very similar situation in regard to self-love as it pertains to relationships. I do it to myself, though. Nobody ever says "Adam, this is what we expect from you". I often feel like there's something everyone else knows that I don't.

I know that we don't know each other, but I'll be here for you or anyone else reading going through something similar. We're in the same boat. Stay strong. We'll get through this together.


Thank you. I hope you get to love yourself more someday.


I'm sorry. You are valid and you are enough. Please believe me. Stay strong. <3


Thank you. I'm still learning how to love myself. It's a difficult process but I'll get there someday.


I will always be here if you need my support. I don’t know how to like “personal message” on here but if there is a way. Please message me whenever you need.


Thank you so much!