part 4: the redhead inside my computer

part 1: oh no i'm drowning again

part 2: 2 a.m.

part 3: spoliarium


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You should know that I'm going through a very similar situation in regard to self-love as it pertains to relationships. I do it to myself, though. Nobody ever says "Adam, this is what we expect from you". I often feel like there's something everyone else knows that I don't.

I know that we don't know each other, but I'll be here for you or anyone else reading going through something similar. We're in the same boat. Stay strong. We'll get through this together.


Thank you. I hope you get to love yourself more someday.


I'm sorry. You are valid and you are enough. Please believe me. Stay strong. <3


Thank you. I'm still learning how to love myself. It's a difficult process but I'll get there someday.


I will always be here if you need my support. I don’t know how to like “personal message” on here but if there is a way. Please message me whenever you need.

Thank you so much!